About US

About Nigeria Environmental Society (NES)

The Nigerian Environmental Society (NES) is a professional, non-profit oriented, non-governmental body which is committed to advocacy and actions towards environmental protection, sustainable environmental development and promotion of environmental professionalism within Nigeria and in the global arena. It is recognized as the Premier Environmental Society and watchdog of the environment in Nigeria.

The society was first inaugurated on the 17th October 1985 in Lagos and has remained the largest environmental NGO in Nigeria and has grown to twenty one branches officially launched in Nigeria. The society plays an active role in Local and International Environmental Programs

Aims & Objectives


To Foster And Promote The Profession Of Environmental Science And Engineering In Theory And Practice And Also Enhance The Usefulness Of The Profession In The Public.

Public Partnerships

To Promote Public Understanding And Encourage A Sound National Policy In Matters Relating To Environmental Quality Control Field.


To Deliver And Hold Lectures, Exhibitions, Public Meetings, Classes, Examinations And Conferences Calculated Directly Or Indirectly To Benefit Or Advance The Works, Aims And Objectives Of The Society.

Promote Well-being

To Promote And Foster The Well Being And Interest Of Environmental Scientists And Engineers And Other Related Professionals.